The Tree Widget


Currently the widget only supports a single node selection. Investigation is on the way on how to handle mutliple selections. To execute code when a new node is selected you can add a rule to the tree widget, overriding the execute(org.xulux.core.PartRequest request).


This is a list of all supported, Tree specific, properties, or standard properties that behave a certain way, which isn't default. See the widget page for information about properties used for all widgets.

linestyle swing (Only Metal L&F!!) Possible values are None, Horizontal or Angled. Defaults to none

NOTE: These properties are case sensitive!
expand swing Expands the complete tree
expand-untill swing Expand the tree untill an insetnace of the specified object is encountered. The content of the parameter should be the full qualified classname. If you specify leaf as the value, it will expand untill the leaf (meaning NOT including the leafs) If it is null, it just expands using the gui layer defaults.
collapse swing Collapses the tree to the root object.
collapse-untill swing If the value is level# (# = number) it will collapse till the specified level.
showicons swing true or false. Defaults to true.
treefield swing Specify if you want to use a treefield or not. The attributes you can are treefield.class and treefield.use. This allows for showing different content in the tree than just the toString version.
treefield.class swing Specifiy the class that the treefield must map to.
treefield.use swing The field on the specified class that must be used.
contentview swing The contentview is there to modify the text that a user sees in the tree. This will override the default used in the system and can be changed all the time.
showroot swing Specify it you want the root of the tree shown or not. Defaults to true.