Gui Layers

XULUX is a framework to be able to build gui layer independent application. Every GuiLayer is pluggable and work is under way to combine different gui layers in one application.


These are the gui layers that would be interesting to have it implemented.


The swing implementation is in alpha state atm. Components are still missing or not enough properties are supported yet to tweak everything that a component needs. The components are created based on the need that I have to create it. See the Swing Pages for more information about the current implementation. See the Widget docs if you want to know which widgets are currently available.


Started on SWT and had the nice plan to implement Widgets immidiately after implementing the Swing Widget. However because of time constrains, I could not handle that. If I have more time and the core (the frontend API) of nyx has been finished, I will start programming SWT support. See the SWT Pages for more information about the current implementation. See the Widget docs


Nice to have for pda's, phones, etc.


Usefull to be able to present your application also on the net, without needing a rewrite. Since there are some limitations to showing a gui in html / js, there probably needs to be some kind of templating system. Needs furthur investigation.


Got any pointers to other java gui implementations? Let them know!


I am currently in the process of generalizing everything and splitting up widgets, so peaces of functionality can be mapped and overriden. Generalising probably has some limitations, but those will be investigated when needed.

Current limitations

The current limitation of the gui layer API is that the different gui layers cannot be combined yet (although the code might pretend differently) This will be implemented when a second layer is finished or in progress.