The Table Widget





updateButtons swing Specify the buttons (comma delimted) that have the action add, update and delete.
popupMenu swing true or false. Defaults to true. The buttons specified in updateButtons will be also used as popupmenus.
content swing
content.type swing can contain bean, field or string. Field uses the bean specified or the method specified.

String uses the content specified as delimited string.

Bean uses the part bean as the content for the table.
classType swing Specifies the type of class the table consists of. This is needed to determine the type of object to create in case of adding an object to the table
editable swing Specifies if the field in the table should be inline editable Valid values are true or false. It defaults to false.
rowheight swing Specifies the height of a row
locked swing This is not an actual table property, but only works on widgets which are shown in tables. This property specifies if a column should be locked (so not included in the scrollable area)
initialselection swing This property specifies what the initial selection will be.

Possibly values are none, first, last and all. None is the same as not specifying the initialselection property.

This property will be removed immidiately after processing it. It will be processed when some content is set, if you want to use this property again, just set it again in a rule.


How do I change the value of a table cell ?

Add a rule to the widget for the cell and call setLazyProperty("value", the new value); To get the value that is destined for the ceel use widget.getRealProperty("cellvalue");

How can I get the data from a row?

Add a rule to the widget for the cell and call widget.getRealProperty("rowvalue").