The Button Widget





action swing The path to the gui xml file
defaultbutton swing Sets if this button is the defaultbutton of the rootpane. The last widget initialized will win.
action.type swing valid values : save and cancel, If save is specified it will check if all required fields actually have content and if cancel is clicked it will not check required fields. add, update and delete if used in combination with tables. It will also create popupmenus in the table. You can add the property updateButtons and a comma delimted list of the buttons to the table to get this functional.
alignment swing right, left and center. It defaults to the last one.
margin swing The margin to use to show the label of the button. Format top, left, bottom, right.
image swing Image
image-disabled swing Image
image-rollover swing Image
image-selected swing Image
text swing The textual label of the button
tooltip swing The tooltip for the button.