Swing Properties

Nyx can be modified using vm properties. This is a list of the currently supported properties.


This property will set the imageloader to be used. It defaults to looking for jimi in the classpath, Setting the property manually always overrides the default property. The class to load images via JIMI is org.xulux.nyx.gui.swing.util.JimiImageLoader. If jimi is not on your classpath or the specified imageloader is not on the classpath (or has problems instantiating) then it will fallback to standard swing ImageIcon.getImage() for image loading. It will give feedback on the level warning that the custom imageloader could not be loaded and if images used in the application couldn't be loaded by the swing ImageIcon class, since they are icompatible. It is advized to add jimi to your classpath if you want to use .ico files

You can write your own imageLoader by implementing the org.xulux.swing.util.ImageLoaderInterface interface. It is a very simple api. If you have written a custom one, don't hasitate to send us a patch.