Swing Extensions

To make nyx work the way it does, a lot of times Swing components need to be extended to get some basic jobs done. Below a list of widgets that are extended, with links to the docs which explain why they were extended.

All swing component extensions live in the org.xulux.nyx.swing.extensions package. Keep in mind that most modifications are just tested on jdk1.3 and not yet on 1.4, which may not expose the same problems I encountered doing Swing.

JTable extension

The javax.swing.JTable is extended by use of the org.xulux.nyx.swing.extensions.NyxJTable class Since the nyx table supports fixed columns, we had to do some magic to get that working correctly. A table with fixed columns consists of 2 tables. The main table with the fixed columns and the sibling table containg the scrollable part of the table. When eg clicking on one of the tables, the extension will take care of updating the sibling of the table (they are both sibling of each other).

JCheckBox/JRadioButton extension

The JCheckBox and JRadioButton extensions are extended by using the org.xulux.nyx.swing.extensions.NyxJCheckBox class and the org.xulux.nyx.swing.extensions.NyxJRadioButton. class. The only reason why these extensions exist is because painting the background of the radio and checkbox didn't work as anticipated (at least not on jdk1.3). It would paint a full background instead of just painting the box or the radio itself. I fixed that with some simple painting magic. The consequence of this is, is that you always have to set the icons, even though you want to use the defaults. You can see this behaviour in the o.x.n.swing.widgets.CheckBox and RadioButton when initializing the native widget.

JComboBox extension

The JComboBox extension is extended by using the org.xulux.nyx.swing.extensions.NyxJComboBox class. One of the reasons for extending it, was that when setting the model of the combo (setContent in nyx), would trigger an infinite loop with updates and a wrong selected value. To prevent this I added a boolean to make sure no value is set during the setting of the model (the nyx combomodel talks back to the ComboBox widget when an update in the selected value takes place). This is a pure nyx thing that was solved here. Another issues is that a combobox doesn't fire focusLost events and focusGained events. The main reason is that a combo is not a combo, but in reality another component, which actually do the focussing etc. I solved this by adding a focuslistener to all children of the combo, using an override of addFocusListener and removeFocusListener.

Border extensions

Some test extensions are already present of the borders. The problem with most borders is that you cannot set the insets (margins) to a different value than actually wanted. Since I didn't find an easier way yet, I just override some border types and so being able to set the insets. getInsets() normally returns a new instance of Rectangle, instead of passing in a reference, which would solve the insets problem. If I missed something, let me know.